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Demi Wu is an animated filmmaker from China. Her BA graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, awarded an excellent student of Shanghai graduates. MA Graduated from the University of Arts London, with a distinction degree. The winner of the GLOBAL DESIGN GRADUATE SHOW 2022 in collaboration with Gucci. Founder of Leader Visual. She is passionate about expressing emotions and atmospheres, visualizing words and abstract feelings. Good at using animation to convey content and emotions to achieve emotional resonance with the audience.

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Eternal While It Last (2021)

樸 (PU)| AR Animation (2021)

Beigel Bake (2021)

Back on Track (2021)

Everydayness_360 VR Animation (2021)

Straw Dog (2021)

Liens Sea (2019)

Deadline (2016)


Winner of Cooper Awards 2022
Winner of OTB | Only The Best Film Awards 2022
Nominated by Love & Hope International Film Festival 2022
Winner of Monrovia Film Festival 2022 Juror’s Choice &spirit award
Winner of MegaFlix Film Awards 2022
Special Mentioned by The Animattikon Project 2022

Nominated by The HB Film Festival2022 for the best animation
Finalist of The Pigeon International Film Festival (PIFF)
Semi-Finalist of New York International Women Festival
Semi-Finalist of The Black Panther International Short Film Festival
Officially selected by London Independent Film Festival 2022
Officially selected by International Tour Film Festival 2022
Officially selected by XLNT Film Festival 2022
Officially selected by Paris Film Awards
Officially selected by Prague International Film Awards
Officially selected by Best Short Film Award
Officially selected by Anmtn! - Online animation awards
Officially selected by Sweet Democracy Film Awards
Officially selected by CINANIMA 2022
Officially selected by Hobnobben Film Festival 2022
Officially selected by ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2022

Be invited to ' Your Miliem' exhibition.
Finalist of  Qld XR Festival

Has received more than 20 million views in a short time

The Gold Prize for the Eighth China Academy Awards

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