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SCT is an East London charity helping our community to recover from drug or alcohol addictions and other complex needs. They help people to achieve lasting recovery and more fulfilling life.

They would like a short, introductory animation that we can use for fundraising campaigns, social media, and on our website to visualise their work.

I used the metaphor of SCT as a train; step on this train, and SCT will help you get your life back on track. For character design, because my target audiences were people addicted to drugs or alcohol, I knew it was a sensitive topic, and I didn’t want the protagonist to seem too pitiful or helpless. In the end, I used some designs like messy hair and unshaved beard to express this, to express that they just need to tidy themselves up, whether it's appearance or psychology.

As for style, taking into account the limited time and that I was doing this by myself, I chose to use hand-painted black lines and simple colour blocks to make the animation complete and fun.

I hope my animation can help more people.

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